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If you are lucky enough to have a hunter/gatherer type in your household who brings home game, try and convince him that he needs to go boar hunting.  Not only does it give you a few days at home alone to watch chick flicks and eat girly food, you’ll love the meat.  Here’s how I prepared the roast I made last weekend, it’s pretty simple.  I just chopped some fresh herbs, I usually use sage and rosemary, and rubbed it on the meat along with some kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.

Roast in the oven at 275 degrees or so until the internal temperature reaches 160 or 165.  Don’t overcook it!

My mantra with wild boar is to use a lower temperature for a longer time.  The meat really benefits from slow even cooking.  

If you want some gravy, just add a little butter to the meat drippings (boar is quite lean so there usually isn’t much grease in the pan), add a little flour to make a roux, then cook for a while to turn the floury taste toasty.  Add a little milk or cream (I add cream, but that’s just how I roll).  

A baked potato,some green salad and a glass of California cab and I’m in hog heaven…
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11 Comments to “HOW TO COOK WILD BOAR – ROAST”

  1. Karen Says:

    Looks absoltuly delicious.. but who prepares that boar when he brings it home? Yuck. And if it still looks anything like it did when it was walking, I couldn’t do it :-)

  2. Rocky Mountain Woman Says:

    He hunts the boar in Idaho of all places, and there is a local butcher who cuts & wraps the meat, so it comes back to me all frozen into convenient packages.

    Looking for a boar picture to post..they really are ugly critters!

  3. Julie Harward Says:

    WOW…a real boar! Looks like a great way to cook it…sounds yummy too! Come say hi 😀

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  5. juli schuler Says:

    That looks really good!

  6. Charles A. Huettner Says:

    I enjoyed your web site, was looking for a recipe for cooking wild boar roast and came across yours. I love to cook the roast on a spit on the grill. I use a salt marinade with herbs and spices that I found in Julia Childs french cook book. This is per pound. 1 tsp salt, 1/8 tsp ground pepper, 1/4 tsp ground thyme or sage, I use sage. 1/8 tsp ground bay leaf, pinch of allspice ,1/2 clove mashed garlic. This is best done 24 hrs before cooking. Turn the roast over once or twice. When ready to cook, scrape off the marinade. Tie up the roast and cook till temp reads 165. Take off spit and cover with alum foil rest 10 minutes, slice and enjoy. A good cab would be great

  7. g brazeau Says:

    Was lucky enough to be given a wild boar roast. Think I will try ur receipe. Will let u know how it turned out

  8. l dewitte Says:

    how long per pound do you cook wild board shoulder roast?

  9. Rocky Mountain Woman Says:

    I dewitte:

    I usually do it by temperature with a meat thermometer. If I had to guess though, I would say 30 to 40 minutes a lb.


  10. Rich Lamothe Says:

    Thanks for the info. Got three pigs this deer season. first ime cooking myself. Do you have any suggestions for a store bought marinade that you have tried? thanks again

  11. Rocky Mountain Woman Says:

    Hi Rich:

    I have never used a store bought marinade, but find that boar is actually better if you cook it fairly simply. We love it with just salt and pepper and a a few herbs. We grill the chops, roast the roasts and make sausage gravy from the sausage for the most part!

    We got two more boars this year, so I’ll have some more recipes up on the site this spring.



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