Trader Joe’s Panilonco Merlot/Malbec

Written by Rocky Mountain Woman on December 20, 2013 – 8:05 am -


This is a really really inexpensive nice drinking red. It has some depth, balanced tannins and I like it better than some of the inexpensive cabs out there. It’s great for just sipping in front of the fire or would pair nicely with a cheese and wine platter or even a pot roast!

For the price, you can’t go wrong with this one…


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6 Comments to “Trader Joe’s Panilonco Merlot/Malbec”

  1. Arkansas Patti Says:

    Looks like a great wine for celebrating.

  2. Jesh StG Says:

    One amongst other things I love Trader Joe for – their prices of wine! Have a merry glass on Christmas:)

  3. Phyllis Ryan Says:

    Wishing we had a Trader Joe, but I will have to wait til I visit out west to check it out.

  4. STELLA ANN Says:

    Happy Holidays.
    I have been following your blog for a while now and I wanted to give my congratulations on the legal issues that are resolved. Good luck in the new year with your new home. I hope it is completed soon. Stay warm and have a blessed Christmas and New Year. Thanks for sharing your life. Stella

  5. Maggie Mallard Says:

    Just had to come over and wish you a very Happy New Year and I was so excited to see that you posted previously that you are through with Dick. I left you a comment on that post.
    I am so happy your ending the New Year with exciting news.
    I will definitely try this wine your sharing with us.
    Thanks for being my blogging buddy through another year.
    I am way behind with blogging because I need a new computer. Mine is on it’s way out like Dick. haha
    Happy New Year honey

  6. jill schisano Says:

    I was just looking for some info on Panilonco merlot malbec and found your site, I, too, loved this wine. We do not have a Trader Joes where I live and they would not hold a case of this wine for me for a couple of weeks so…. but your webpage is neat!! I’m glad I stumbled upon it. ciao, Jill

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