summer barn

I have a condition called Obsessive Compulsive Food Disorder (OCFD). I can’t walk by a restaurant without checking out the menu or past a bookstore without going in to check out the newest cookbooks. Food is the lens that I view my life through. Sad, but true.

For most of my adult life, I let other people tell me how to eat. I went through a whole grains phase, a no sugar phase, a low fat phase, a high protein phase – you name it, I ate it. I was always looking for a magic diet that would ensure good health. As time went on and my palate developed, there were foods I didn’t want to give up just because some health guru thought I should. I grew more comfortable in the kitchen, the garden and the market. I read about food and then read some more. I slowly changed my diet to reflect seasonality and locality, not the whims of fashion.