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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

I came home last night to find that one of my friends had dumped 257 tomatoes on my front porch. I counted. After I brought them all in and put them on every single available surface in my kitchen, I got a little scared. What if they organized during the night and attacked me? It's not like it hasn't happened before.... Trailer Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. So I figured I'd better eat as ... continue reading...


How to Make Pulled Wild Boar Sandwiches

In my never ending quest to buy and use every single item available at Trader Joe's, I bought a jar of this lovely stuff the other day.  I can and have eaten it off a spoon, but this is a better way to use it. .   I have access to wild boar and use it in place of domestic pork a lot, but this would also be great if you used a pork shoulder.  You can also use a different barbecue sauce, but ... continue reading...