Main Dishes


Green Chili – The Cheater’s Version

This chili makes the whole house smell good, leads people to believe that you've put a lot of time and effort into dinner and in general, makes you look like a kitchen superstar! The reality of it is that it's easy peasy to make, doesn't take much prep before you set it on the back of the stove and let it simmer away, while you take off your shoes, watch a movie and in general goof off. It's ... continue reading...


Fried Tomatoes for Breakfast!

  For a while, an older Greek gentleman ran a restaurant in the town next to mine. I went there for breakfast all the time, not because the food was amazing (it was amazing), but because every omelette and plate of eggs came with a side of fried red tomatoes. I've eaten a LOT of fried green tomatoes in my life. My mother-in-law picked up the recipe when she lived in the south while ... continue reading...